To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital, That is the Question

Posted in response to a post on a FB about not trusting electronic media and not going digital with genealogy papers.  Here is my response!Anyone who uses a computer without a back up, is asking for trouble.My house could burn down. I could get hit by a tornado (again). Anything could happen to paper as… Continue reading To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital, That is the Question

2020 Genealogical Resolutions

Every year, I write out my resolutions for my research for the coming year. Most years I make pretty good progress. Many goals are ongoing, some are finished, and through out the year, new ideas pop up to be explored.  I am not one to beat myself up over resolutions, but rather see them as… Continue reading 2020 Genealogical Resolutions

William and Jane Blaylock-The rest of the story

In March 2015, I wrote about William Blaylock in this blog  As more documents are coming online, the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say can be told.  :  This is part of that story.My 2nd great grandmother was Virginia Caledonia Markham, daughter of Susan Markham and Unknown.  Her sister, Lockie… Continue reading William and Jane Blaylock-The rest of the story

Getting the Next Generation Interested….

Like most Genealogists, my children really aren’t interested in sitting in front of the computer chasing down every last deed of someone long dead.  They aren’t interested in spending hours in archives and cemeteries looking for that long lost connection to a 6th great grandfather.  At least they aren’t yet…. So how does a genealogist… Continue reading Getting the Next Generation Interested….