Genealogy Challenge

A recent post on the mailing list for The Master Genealogist, stated that 16,000 sources would be too many for 19,000+ people. I had to disagree. I replied:

“I have 19,000 people.
Each has a birth tag and I have a birth record for the ones that were born since 1880, about 25%. Assuming you are a splitter like me, that would be 4750 sources.
Now let’s assume that I have found each of those people on the censuses that they lived during. Each person has an average of 5 census years, and each census contains an average of 8 people. I have a source for each census tag. That would be another 11,875 sources. Now assume that I have done cemetery work for those born since 1880 and have found tombstones for those same 25% of my people born after 1880. That would be another 4750 sources.

Without marriage records, wills, deeds, military records, etc, I have 19,000 people and 21,375 sources. And no redundancy in the database at all.”

That got me to looking at my REAL database. With a little over 16,000 people in my real database, I have a little over 2800 sources. Ouch! Using my own example, I am about 18, 500 sources short of the goal! So that got me to thinking that I wanted to work harder to get closer to that number. For me keeping up with how many sources I have used is easy. Each document I view gets an unique number in my genealogy program. So is keeping up with how many people I have.
So I am setting forth this challenge, and I encourage you to post your own challenge and progress. From now until the end of the year, about 8 months, I am going to try and up that number to 3,000. Around 200 new sources.
Want to join me? Post your challenge and results.


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