Where’s the time gone?

I currently have at least 10 cemeteries to get online, and 4 rolls of microfilm to be viewed on my desk, and can’t find the time to get started on them. This is a busy time of the year for me as a mom. Field day, field trips, awards day, teacher appreciation, Vacation Bible School prep, changing out clothes from winter to summer.

Then my job is busier. Kindergarten graduation, field day, program days.

Then I tend to get tireder easier. Allergies brought on a three day migraine, that sent me to bed today. Stress makes me tired.

So did my ancestors have some of these same issues? Crops coming in (or not) causing stress. Weather making roads untravelable? Did they have allergies that made this time of the year difficult too?

My mom says I get my cheapness from my grandmother, my son gets his hair twirling from my father (along with his looks, voice, anxiety…) From which ancestor did I get my migraines? From which did I get my neat freakness from (wasn’t my mom. πŸ™‚ )? From which ancestor did I get my time management skills from. (Despite being behind on my genealogy, I am the one everyone goes to when they want to know when something is-like hubby just asked when my niece’s graduation is)

I have been wanting to buy Swift To Do list. I needed a good to do list software for my genealogy, but the price tag was a little high. I had a good free one I was using, but the other night it went crazy on me and would not go any smaller than full screen, so since I am now DEBT FREE, take that Dave Ramsey, I decided to splurge and buy myself a new toy. I am using it to keep up with each roll of microfilm and the ancestors that should be found on that roll of film. Then in The Master Genealogist, I create research tasks. Next I will order the rolls of film with the deeds (currently using an index roll) and then I can start transcribing deeds. The part I dread. πŸ™‚ Soon the weather will be too hot and the pollen too high for me to go outside. Once it does, the next four films I splurged on and ordered (well the check is on the counter.) will be here and I can start working on them. I decided that purchasing films for use at home would save me a lot of money over driving to the state archives (2 hours away) or to the local genealogy library (45-60 minutes depending on traffic) with gas being $4 a gallon. Plus I can use them in the middle of the night, and if I ever get done, I can alway donate them to the library for a tax right off. Currently the roll I am working on contains data on 27 of my direct ancestors, so I may be a while. That’s just the index roll, remember. Notice the big splurges on genealogy lately. I promised my self when the debt was gone, I could spend a little money on me. Yes, me. And I have. But I also consider them good investments, since they will keep me busy for a long time.

Should I be able to find the time. LOL


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