Mother’s Day and other nonsence

Don’t tell my kids, but I am not really all that big a fan of mother’s day.

Sure I like the presents and the attention, but I just don’t see the point. Maybe its because I am one of those women that call their mother and mother-in-law at least once a week just to chat, and one of those women who doesn’t carry pictures of her children, because if you want to see them, they are usually right beside me, so I don’t need a holiday to set aside time to call my mother, or to have my kids call me.

It seems to me this card commercial holiday only serves four purposes. 1) Make those women without children feel bad. 2) Make those children without mothers feel bad 3) Make the rest of us feel guilty that we don’t do enough for mom. 4) Keep the flower and card industry in the big bucks.

So to my kids:

Don’t buy me cut flowers. They will die. I really would like the front flower beds weeded.

Don’t buy me a card. Write me a letter.

Don’t feel like you have to buy and expensive present. Clean your room instead.

And to my mom, I love you mom! Thank you for my life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for taking the kids next weekend. (Oh wait, you haven’t said yes yet.) Happy Mother’s Day! You are the greatest!

To my mother-in-law. I love you too mom! Thank you for hubby’s life. Thank you for treating me like a daughter, even if that means you expect me to wash dishes after meals too. Thank you for being yourself when I am around and allowing me to do the same. Have a happy Mother’s Day! You the second greatest!

To my hubby. Thanks for making me a mom, three times over. I love you. You don’t have to worry about what to get me. Once the kids get the flower beds and their rooms done, you’ll be too tired to shop. Hint, Hint. But if you must shop, there’s a cute bistro set that would look great on the patio (oh yeah, you haven’t built that yet).

Lots of love to all you moms out there. And to those of you who would like to be one. And to all of you who would love to still have yours, and to all the card and flower execs. Happy Mother’s day.


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