I’m Free!

I feel like a little kid! My job runs the school year, so I am officially off until August! I have one more week at church and I am officially done teaching on Wednesday nights! I am free to do whatever I want.

But for some reason, my brain can’t catch up to the idea. It thinks I need to get busy today because I have to go back to work tomorrow and I can’t get it to realize that yes, we can take a nap. Of course, that’s important because I have a massive migraine this morning. No telling what I bought at the grocery store. LOL

Free time is scary to so many of us in today’s society. We understand busy. We understand multitasking.  We understand eating on the road on the way to practice.  We don’t understand grilling dinner, sitting by the fire as it dies down and eating on our laps. We don’t understand how to use a porch swing.  If we sit still, we think we should be asleep.

For a two hour drive to my mother’s this weekend, my kids took three books, a laptop, several movies, two MP3 players, head phones, a pillow each for a nap…  They weren’t in the car long enough to get bored.  But at least they were quiet. 🙂  On the way home, they all slept, MP3 players blaring in their ears, books long forgotten.

While I am free, I plan on working on my genealogy, working on my cemetery pages. Painting some around the house.  Gardening.  Resting and relaxing.  Before I know it, August will be here and with it, the hustle and bustle of another school year.

I am off to take a nap.  A long, “I don’t have to be anywhere” type of nap.  The housework will save until tomorrow.  The ancestors aren’t going anywhere.  The kids aren’t off for two more weeks. I am going to enjoy peace and quiet while I can.


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