Ode to the dustbunny

I have been waiting for weeks now to have some free time so I could clean under my bed and dresser.  You see I live with three children, a husband, three birds, two cats (now outside) and an occasional dog.  I have hard wood floors so I have dust. Lots of it.

Today was the day. I found the cutest spring comforter on sale and decided that it was time to clean the room really well. When the kitty’s moved out, I began cleaning each room to get rid of all the cat fur. It seems that while the rest of the world goes to school, work, the movies, my cats were simply growing fur to lose it.  Tons of it.  Enough in fact to cause an allergy attach the size of Texas, and they had done most of that under my bed apparently.  Now I am a fairly finicky housewife. I clean and vacuumed daily when the cats were inside.  I own a LOT of vacuums. LOL  But the dust bunnies have learned that the center of a king size bed is the place to hide out.  I can’t get them under there very well, and they can always run to the other side.

Today I moved the bed. LOL with a VEG.  (very evil grin)  So if anyone asks about me, tell them I am busy carving little dust bunny tombstones for the back yard.  There must be 89,146,598,418,465 of those silly things under that one bed. I need one of those counters like McDonald’s used to have showing how many Big Macs they had sold.  Needless to say, some of them do still survive. I did my best.  I mopped the room three times to get the last remnants of the little fuzz balls.

Then I put my new comforter on the bed.  I will wash the old one for those cold winter nights when it gets so cold… what am I saying, it never gets that cold here. I just can’t bear to part with the silly thing just yet. I will put it up for the kitties if they need it next winter.  Now that they sleep outside, I want them to be able to stay nice and warm.

So the dust bunnies have all gone away from that room.  I am exhausted, but not too tired to hear the ones behind the couch in the Living Room.  You guys are next.  Don’t think I can’t hear you…

Only off two days and already I am starting to talk to dust bunnies.  Next it will be the TV. No wait, already did that this morning…


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