Genealogy Challenge Progress

If you were with me for the challenge, you know I am working on getting to 3000 sources. I have made really good progress this week and now I have 116 more to go! I have been working on WWI Draft Cards this week. I added 17 new sources just in the last two days! And found lots of new information. Even found several cousins on the draft cards that I couldn’t find on the 1920 census. No wonder, they have moved to Trousdale County, TN. I would never have thought to look there.

How about you? Did you join the challenge? How are your goals coming?


One thought on “Genealogy Challenge Progress

  1. Hi Teresa,

    I saw your blog URL on the Advanced Research mailing list and thought I would stop by. Have been reading some of your recent posts to catch up a little. I too have the Julie Morgenstern organizing book – bought it several years ago and really like it. Another one that I really got a lot out of is David Allen’s “Getting Things DONE”. I originally downloaded it as an audiobook, but liked it so much I went out and bought a hard copy to refer to.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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