Where Do You Podcast?

Summer is here and I am trying to get beach ready. That means I need a little under tan and a lot of tummy flab toned up.

The one thing about genealogy that’s not good, is that it tends to be a very sedentary hobby, sure we tend to trek through cemeteries, but when was the last time you could walk 3.5 MPH in a cemetery? That sweat from the long pants, long shirts, work boots and hat hardly counts as working off fat molecules. And rarely do we do a cemetery a day for an hour. No, most of us spend our time sitting in front of computers, and microfilm and really old documents.

So frankly, I need exercise. And I love genealogy podcasts. These, usually one hour, podcasts, are perfect to get a little genealogy exercise with.

I put my MP3 player in a plastic zip-lock type bag, and then I can put it in the top of my swimsuit. The bag protects it from sweat, and pool water in case I get splashed. I then walk around the pool as fast as I can while I listen to the latest podcast from my favorites like: Dear Myrtle, or Dick Eastman.

An hour later, I am up on the latest genealogy news, and I am in a little better summer shape. And it is working. Pants are looser, scales are moving (down for a change) and I am learning alot about my favorite hobby in the mean time. Just be sure not to trip. LOL

So where do you podcast? Do you listen while you drive, do you listen while you exercise, do you listen while you sleep?


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Podcast?

  1. Hi Teresa,

    Like you, I listen to podcasts on my daily morning walk. We’re lucky to live in a community that has a lot of walking trails, so it’s easy to log an hour or more in the a.m.

    Only downside is the heat – already in the mid-70’s before 8 a.m. – I sure miss those cool summer mornings in the midwest (but not the five months of winter). Enjoy your walks and the pool! Jean Andrews

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