Where, Oh Where are my ancestors?

Oh where, oh Where can they be?

In an effort to do a better job with research, I vowed to get more organized using my genealogy program’s (The Master Genealogist) research log. My method is very complex, but it does work for me and I am making progress, or so I thought.

Burnett Victory is the ancestor of the day. I know from the census that he lived in Rutherford and Bedford Counties in TN. So the next logical step is to look for him in the deed books, and will books of that county.

Yet as I work through each task, I don’t find him. Over and over again. NOT FOUND. Wills-NOT FOUND, Settlement-NOT FOUND, Deeds-NOT FOUND. Letters of Administration-NOT FOUND. Where, Oh Where, are my ancestors? NOT FOUND.

Nine pages of tasks. All end in NOT FOUND. The only records I found were his marriage record (in Williamson County-where I am headed research wise next) and the census records (in Bedford and Rutherford). Of course, you have to record the things you don’t find as well as the things you do, but it’s frustrating to see NOT FOUND over and over again. And it’s frustrating to open roll after roll of microfilm and NOT FIND him on them.

And yup, if you are wondering, he’s buried in an unmarked grave. NOT FOUND again.


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