Where have I been you ask?

Hopefully there are one or two of you still following me that are asking yourselves that. Well here’s the rundown of my last three weeks.

My oldest has had a rough year at school. The fatigue he’s been under made us think depression. We saw our doctor and she talked to him and agreed. No biggy. But the fatigue didn’t get better. In fact, it got worse. So we took him in for a full physical. And found out he has Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome. It’s a heart condition that cause tachycardias (rapid heart beats). I also have SVTs, so when he complained of the rapid heart beats, we hadn’t been concerned. Mine are just annoying, as the doctor says. BUT WPW, as it’s known, is life threatening. He will have to have surgery to fix it.

Then we had a week of Vacation Bible School. It was a totally awesome experience, and any other year I would have been on cloud nine. We had 13 salvations! One of which was my youngest daughter. (It’s been our year to fix hearts apparently. One in this lifetime, one for eternity). But I was so worried about my oldest, my heart just really wasn’t in it like it has been in the past. But I guess God only needs me to do my part, and leave the rest to him. We had on average 95 kids each day and nearly 20% of them were saved. That certainly wasn’t me. God was so good. I was too busy to worry about what ELSE could be wrong with my son. And thankfully it was just the WPW, which with the surgery has a 95% cure rate.

Then my dog has a yeast infection that I just can not get well. I stress about it because he’s the worlds sweetest dog. He loves kids and has never been mean. He’s an outside dog (he HATES being inside) and that makes it even harder to get him well. Makes me feel like a terrible dog parent. I am treating him, and he’s getting every other day baths (and even made it in the pool this morning when I wasn’t looking). I know I am doing what I can, and praying for him, but…

Our kitty died Friday morning. He wasn’t feeling well on Thursday night, and Friday morning it was obvious the end was near. He was 13 and had been ailing for about 6 months. We’d been keeping him comfortable, loved, well fed. Hubby and the oldest got ready to take him to the vet. They agreed to work him in, since we were just going to have him put to sleep, despite being booked full. If you are looking for a good Vet, try Banfield Animal Hospitals. They have been wonderful for our pets, and they aren’t expensive. They allow you to see what each part of the treatment is going to cost BEFORE they treat the animal. But for our little boy, it didn’t matter, he died in my son’s arms on the way to the doctor (they weren’t even out of the neighborhood). So I had to call the vet, and I am bawling like a three year old, and they are trying to get my name, and finally the girl said, “You’re the one that was going to be put to sleep?” All I could do was bawl, “Yes” into her poor ear. This cat was the sweetest, lovingest cat I have ever met. He loved all of us, and would let the kids dress him up, and carry him around in doll carriages. He never complained and only bit me once, which is a long story in which he was not the one at fault. Seems cats bite when they have clothes pins on their tails.

So needless to say, this has been a roller coaster of a week. I am so stressed out. I have not even opened my genealogy software, and I have been deleting most of my email on the subject. I just don’t have the strength to care about dead guys right now. I just want to get my dog on the road to recovery, get my son through his surgery and well, and hopefully doing it all without learning to drink. LOL Actually I don’t drink at all, but after this month, I can certainly understand why some people take it up.

Genealogy wise, I am looking forward to ordering some more films for my ancestor it seems moved from Rutherford County, TN from Bedford County, TN. Maybe I will have more luck finding him there.

And if you are wondering, no we aren’t looking for a new cat. We still have one other cat and the dog and three birds. Just keeping them all healthy is becoming a full time job.


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