Update on where I have been.

Well the drier decided to join the washer last week. On the day before we were leaving on vacation. So we went away for 5 days with the kids to the beach. The washer and drier would have to wait. We are home now, and the drier needed a new part. Fixed. The washer apparently overflows from time to time, so I just have to keep my eye on it. Believe me, I am. I hate mopping. LOL

The dog is doing much better and is house training well. He’s such a good boy. He takes his baths and meds really well and the prognosis is good that I will survive this as well.

I haven’t worked on genealogy at all while I was at the beach. I worked on my tan. And my napping abilities. And my tan. LOL I am well rested and glad to be home. The beach is fun, but I was starting to feel like it was a job. I mean, the first day going and playing on the beach and swimming in the surf and tanning was fun. The second day it was relaxing, but by the third day, frankly I wanted to nap in some air conditioning. ANd I was tired of sand and the smell of sun screen. I know, I was on vacation, but you feel like you’ve got to squeeze it all in while you are there. Sometimes I feel that way about my genealogy. I would rather be napping, or cleaning house, or going to a movie. Those are the times you have to step away for a few days. It should be fun, like the beach, not a chore, like mopping.

This week, my son will see the doctor and hopefully he’ll be in recovery this time next week. Then life will return to normal again. It’s certainly good to hear the washer and drier churning sand out of our clothes and towels. Yup, even with chores, it’s good to be home.


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