Burnett Victory Pvt Co A. 24th Tennessee Infantry

Yup, I found him. Or at least I am pretty sure it’s him. LOL I have been a member of Footnote pretty much from the beginning. I love the fact that for about $30 a year I can view original military documents. Well today I found my guy hiding in the Civil War Compiled Service Records of Tennessee. Twenty one year old Burnett Victory was listed as being a Pvt in the 24th Tennessee. Thing is on his muster rolls he’s B. Vickrey, Burnet Vicory, B. Vickery. No wonder I can’t find the dude. Even his officers didn’t know how to spell his name.
The records state that he enlisted on 24 Aug 1861. He supposedly reenlisted on 20 Jun 1862, but he is pretty much AWOL after that point and he married his wife Mary in September 1862, so my guess is that he either didn’t realize he reenlisted, or he frankly didn’t care.
I am still compiling all the data found on his muster rolls and then I will need to check on the comings and goings of the 24th TN, but it is just so cool. I found him! And a few more spellings in which to search for him in 1850. I had him born between 1835 and 1837, but his military records state he was 21 in 1861, making his birth date closer to 1840. Now I just have to find the ten year old in 1850 and I would be able to take this line back one more generation. And I also have to see if he applied for a pension. That would be very handy!

As you can see, I have made some genealogy progress today. I still don’t know when he was born, who his parents were, or for sure how he spelled his last name, but I know he served during the Civil War, so maybe I can find someone who did know him.


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