My ancestors were very religious people. They used not only Biblical names, but rare Biblical names. Their wills state “I leave my soul to my savior and my body to my maker…” They took me to church in the same church that their parents had taken them to church in. My beliefs are my most important possessions, taught to me by my ancestors, both living and deceased. My great great grandfather was a traveling minister. And father to 21 children. Fortunately, my husband’s family was religious too. He grew up in church as well. Stories of their faith abound.
It’s important to me that I pass the traditions of my ancestors on to my own children. Seeing each one of them saved and now serving the Lord is a comfort to me. I am thankful that I was raised by God fearing Southern Baptists. I am thankful for my ancestors that loved their God enough to “give their souls” back to him in their Last Will and Testaments. Testaments not only to how they wanted their earthly goods to be distributed, but testament also to how they planned on spending eternity. If you aren’t religious, that probably doesn’t mean much to you. But if you are, it’s a relief to know you’ll meet those ancestors eventually. 🙂

When I read about the trials that my ancestors faced, I know they lived through hard times. I know they were study stock, But I know they also stood on a solid Rock. They took the time to record how they felt in documents that speak to me through time.

Not only did their wills speak of their faith, but I find deeds giving land or buildings for the purpose of creating a church and/or school. Those things were mighty important for a man to give up several acres of his land.


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