I’m bored.

Okay, I admit, only a few weeks ago I was looking forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer, but now I am tired of doing nothing. I miss the structure of the school year, but I like the slowness of the summer. It’s so hot, that doing anything outside is hard, if not dangerous.
Inside there’s TV, we’re currently watching Sesame Street (keep in mind that there are more people who drive at my house than there are preschoolers. We’re babysitting a friends three year old, so that’s our excuse).
Or the computer, can it be that I have read the whole internet already?
Or books, I’ve read twenty or more this summer.
Or naps, man are we well rested.

So I think today we are going to the mall. Which makes me wonder? Did our ancestors get bored? Did they have time? What did they do for entertainment? Did they get bored with that too?

My husband says a good vacation is to make you miss work, so I guess we’re having a good one. I am starting to get excited about going back to school to see my friends, to get into a routine again, the paycheck 🙂 , but for now, I am going to enjoy some downtime. It will be a long time coming once school starts.


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