Modern Medicine

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know my son had a heart condition that I was worried about. He was diagnosed with Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome in early Jun. The doctor wanted him to have an Ablation, basically putting a scar in the heart to stop the extra electrical pathway. WPW can be life threatening in 1 in 20 people that have it.

He had the surgery yesterday at Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital. It was determined that he was one of those 1 in 20 people that could have died from the WPW had he went into Atrial Fibulation. The surgery was a success! They got the extra pathway. He will have to be checked periodically for the next 6 months to insure that he is totally cured, but for now, the doctors are giving him a 97% cure rate! Everyday that number will go up.

So thank you so much for your prayers, your concern and the love you sent my family’s way. We are resting comfortably at home tonight. Thank God for modern medicine and the doctors who spend a decade of their lives learning it. Thank God for Children’s Hospital. We are big fans of the staff there. We got excellent and loving care by everyone who served us the last 48 hours.

And now he can look forward to a long and productive life.


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