I need a new color

My genealogy program, The Master Genealogist allows you to change the color screen of a window, or multiple windows. I have no idea what color it ships with anymore because I am a color nut and I immediately changed the color scheme even before I began entering and cleaning up data.

For a while now I have used a spring green color scheme that matched the walls in my office. It’s a peaceful green and it relaxes me while I work. But I have grown tired of it. I changed to a light purple, but it’s grown old fast. Don’t care for vivid colors, too much eye strain. Prefer the pastels, since they are easy on the eyes.

Thing is blue gets old fast as does purple. Yellows and oranges are too racy. Red is out. Green is where I was. Maybe I’ll try a black on white or white on black.

Yup, I am totally into the trivial today. Should I eat a banana or an apple is the heaviest decision I want to make for a while. Should I research this ancestor (the brick wall) or that one (the guy who was into everything and was also county clerk for a while). Should I scan documents or should I file papers. Should I watch tv, or read a book. Yup, give me the trivial today. Tomorrow I will decide blue or violet.


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