1920 Census

Well, I was so close. I found everyone but Joseph Hubbard. I just can’t find him. His wife, Martha died in 1916. I am pretty sure he lived in the 5th District of Davidson County, TN, since it was the enumeration of the area that was part of the old 6th District where Joe and Martha lived in 1900.

I also tried to find his daughter, Mary Jane who was married to John Henry. They lived in Mississippi, and there are LOTS of John Henrys living in Mississippi, but not one matching my Mary Jane and John.

I have read most of the 1920 Davidson County TN roll. At least the Antioch, TN areas. I also read all of the 3rd District of Rutherford County, since Joe and his second wife, Mary Hobbs buy 10 acres of land from James T. Manus in 1924 in the 3rd District.

Joe died in 1924 of bladder cancer. He’s buried in the Mullins Cemetery (probably in an unmarked grave).

I did find Mary Hobbs in 1910. She and Martha Toombs were running a truck farm. Selling vegetables to market. I couldn’t find her in 1920 either, and I don’t know when she and Joe married. Still have to check the Rutherford County Marriages for them, and the Davidson County Tax lists for Joe and Martha.

But I did find all my other ancestors, and now am ready to start tying up the 1910 census. With this heat wave, that should be a piece of cake.


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