Just Do It

A few years ago, a tennis shoe maker had a slogan that stated “Just Do It.” They didn’t say what, just it. In life sometimes that has to be our mantra. As a mom, I hate laundry, but I just do it. I hate mopping, but I just do it.
But as a genealogist, I hate entering data. I love research. But entering into the computer slows me down, takes concentration, takes away the creative juices. Entering research tasks is really boring. Especially research tasks for tasks that have negative results. For instance, using the deed index books, I found my ancestor did not make a deed between 1889 and 1924 in Rutherford County, TN. That’s good to know. It means he didn’t own or sell land in that time period. It could mean he didn’t own land, or that he didn’t live in that county. But knowing that and entering it into my computer are two different things. I hate entering the “empty data” into the computer. But if I don’t, then I will end up looking in the same deed books over and over again, which wastes time and money. But entering it is boring, so I have to tell myself “Just Do It”. Once it is entered, I can refer to that information over and over again without having to refer to the rolls of microfilm, 6 of them to be exact over and over again. Like any other task I don’t want to do, sometimes I just have to do it, and then I can move on to more interesting research, and maybe if I am lucky, even FIND him on a few rolls.


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