Is it a bug or plain grouchiness?

I haven’t felt really good for the last few weeks. For one, fall has decided to come a little early here and with it my seasonal allergies. Along with that I started back to work on the 13th, and I think my body is adjusting to the extra exercise (though the scales are budging), or it could be I have picked up a bug that I just can’t kick. Whatever it is, I was extra grouchy yesterday.

If you read mapping my life, you know that I run on a schedule. Even when I am tired or sick, I try to stay pretty much on course, but Friday it finally caught up with me, and I just had to go to bed. Well, yesterday, hubby and I went on our normal Saturday date, and I was feeling a lot out of sorts, but when I got home, and he announced that he wasn’t going to do yard work (his sinuses were killing him) that meant my normal Saturday of getting the house cleaned up, laundry caught up, etc was out the window. Not a big deal, since I usually don’t have a lot to do around the house on Saturday, just needed to do my Friday jobs since I was sick Friday, but with Monday an off day for the kids, and mom coming next weekend, I wanted to do my normal Monday jobs on Saturday, so that I wouldn’t be playing catchup all week.

Now DD10, (the reason granny is coming is for her 11th birthday party a few weeks early) has not cleaned her room all week. In fact, it looks like she’s been amiss for about a month. So she was told to get her room clean this week. So on Saturday, I gave her two hours before Dad came up there and inspected. I said this in a tone of voice that said the room had better be cleaned and Dad had better inspect. (In case you are wondering, neither appear to have happened.)

Then I went off because Thursday night’s dishes and Friday’s dishes are still on the table. I asked my family to clean up before I went to bed early Thursday and I don’t remember even eating on Friday, so naturally I was mad that my normally spotless (well almost) kitchen was a disaster. So hubby cleaned the kitchen, the kids cleaned their rooms and I cleaned my office, both bathrooms, the Living Room, Foyer, Utility Room, Master Bath and did 5 loads of laundry. Does anyone see a disparity here?

Today I do feel physically better. We are going to visit colleges tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting out of the house and getting some fresh air. The house is clean so if we leave, it will stay basically that way. DD10 is going to clean that room today after church and hubby is going to inspect though or they are going to know it’s not a bug.


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