Progress at last

Tonight I have found a lot more marriage records and brought my source total to 2950. Just 50 shy of my goal of 3000. With all the new stuff for genealogist coming online each day, it may be hard to believe I still prefer to sit at my desk, cranking a microfilm machine. But I find it far more rewarding to find my great grandmother’s marriage record, than to find a date on someone else’s website. I like seeing the clerk’s writing, which in this case is quite good, stating when they married, who married them and who was bondsman.

Sure it’s slow going. I don’t have 100,000 people in my database. I have 25,000 and for the most part they are related to me, or bought land from someone who is. There are a few that I picked up via GEDCOM years ago, that I don’t have the heart to remove.

I have a crick in my neck from looking at the machine and to the computer, and my butt gets tired of my office chair at times, but then that’s what trampling through cemeteries is for…
Genealogy is an old past time. Sure it’s fun to hop on Ancestry or Footnote, type in a name and have thousands of records pop up, but sometimes you just have to smell some dust, or crank a microfilm to slow yourself down to your ancestor’s pace. They’d probably be surprised we even care about their lives, much less that we spend so much of ours looking for theirs.

I’m off to get in a few more of those 50 sources tonight. Ike is supposed to send us bad weather this weekend. Good if it’s bad enough I can’t go out, bad if it’s bad enough we don’t have electricity. Be safe if you are in his path. Evacuate if you need to. Enjoy a rainy weekend if you don’t.

Have a great genealogy day!


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