Born at the right time

I once heard a speaker state, it is no mistake that we are born in the time period in which we live, it is all part of God’s plan.

I have never been one to romanticize another time period. We went on a field trip with my son when he was in about 5th grade to one of those living history museums from the 1800s. One of the mothers said she would have loved to have lived at that time period.
Now I could have pointed out a million reason why she wouldn’t have.
One: As a single mother, how would she have fed her daughter in a time where divorce was frowned upon and few women worked outside the home.
Two: Women weren’t able to divorce husbands, since they were basically considered to be property of the husband.

But there are many more reasons why I know God didn’t put me in another century.

Air Conditioning: I have migraines, and spend a lot of allergy season indoors where the air stays a certain temperature and is filtered to remove allergens.
Running HOT water: I love to take a nice long hot bath and I don’t want to do it once a week.
Cars: I love being able to hop in my car and drive to the mall. What woman doesn’t.

Women’s Rights: Granted, I am not a feminist. I like for guys to open doors, I like my husband to work, so I could stay home, but I also like that I can vote, have a say in my own home…
Grocery Stores: Once again, I have allergies and I am glad that healthy fruits and veggies are available for purchase less than ten miles from my house.

No, while I love researching my ancestors who did live in other centuries and am impressed with how they coped with life, I don’t have a desire to live in that time period. God doesn’t make any mistakes, and putting me in the 2000s is proof.


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