My How Times Have Changed!

On Sep 19, 1891, my husband’s ancestor was arrested for using foul language in public around women and children. He served time for it.

Today, Sep 15, 2008, I take my daughter to lunch at a family style hamburger joint. At the table next to us is a lovely family of a father, a mother, a little girl about three and a little boy about five. Behind us was a table of six men, apparently on their lunch break. The men were telling stories of how their “mommas whopped their @##*( when they were little.” As each story was told, the momma in question got more abusive in her discipline, and the language got more foul and louder. The young family was looking more and more uncomfortable.

When DD and I were finished with our lunch, I stood up and thanked the men (one African American, one of Mexican descent, and 4 white men ranging in age from early 20-late 60s-all dressed very nicely) for their wonderful stories about their mommas. I then explained how it was too bad those same mommas didn’t teach them to respect women and young children by watching their foul mouths in public.

Did it do any good? I hope so. My daughter was impressed. The family looked a little less uncomfortable. Hopefully after I left at least one of the men apologized to that young mother who will definitely have to discipline one of her children for trying out a new word or two this week.

It amazes me what society has come too. Grown men used to respect women and children and treat us delicately. My dad would have never spoken like that in private around my mother and I, much less with his buddies in public.

I admit, I hate confrontation and will usually avoid it like the plague, but today the Holy Spirit was leading me to speak up and so I did. I couldn’t have them arrested, but maybe the public humiliation will make them think twice about who may be listening next time.

I guess it’s a shame that when their mommas were whipping them for misbehaving, not one of them got through to her son on how to behave in public. I hope I am doing a better job with my children. Maybe, just maybe today, I did a little better jobs with theirs.


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