I Don’t LIKE to Clean Either.

Hello! I don’t like to clean either. As a mom, I like to read blogs about housecleaning with ideas on how to clean easier, faster, etc. But a theme I see over and over again amongst women who don’t keep their homes tidy is, “I don’t like to clean.” Well, hello, neither do I. But I do it because that is what we moms do. We clean house, we cook, we wipe noses, we pretend to be invisible when our pre-teen is with her friends. Grow up already.

Sorry, if I seem harsh, I haven’t been feeling well lately, but it seems to me that there’s this mentality these days if I don’t like to do something, then I shouldn’t have to. Well there are lots of things I don’t like to do:

I don’t like to:

Pay taxes
Mop floors
Have migraines

But I do those things because I am a big girl now. So next time you tell yourself, it’s fine to live in my own filth, because I don’t like to clean, remind yourself you are a big girl now, with children, husbands, a career. You can get up and put away those clothes that are on the couch, because that is what big girls do. You can toss the clutter, okay lets get real here, crap thrown in the corner of a room, piled to the ceiling is not clutter. Clutter are too many nick nacks. What many of you term clutter is really trash. Don’t sort through it, don’t try and decide what to do with it, toss it. Your life will be so much better once you can move.
And stop making excuses. None of us like to clean. Those of us that do it, do it because we are responsible adults. How about joining the party.

I am now off the soap box for the day. But man does my gut feel better. 🙂


One thought on “I Don’t LIKE to Clean Either.

  1. Thank you! I have always wondered what people are thinking when they ask me how I make myself do it? What?! I hate living in filth and clutter and I understand that remedying the situation is up to me. It is my job as the wife, mother, and STAY AT HOME…my job is to care for the home and whether or I not I feel like it that day is irrelevant! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Glad you feel better, too!

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