How caring for your family will save you money…

The economy is said to be bad. I know groceries and gas are more expensive for my family of five than they were two years ago. But there’s hope. You can care for your family and save money.

Yesterday after getting off work, I came home, rested a little, did carpool, and then went to the grocery. Like most busy moms, I was tired, hungry and didn’t want to cook, so I stopped at Krystals.

12 Krystals
2 large Fries
6 Chicks
(the left overs were pretty gross just 30 minutes later)
Total:$22 (one meal-5 people)

This morning I put the spare ribs I bought at the store in the crock pot:
Tonight we are having:

Barbecued Spare Ribs
Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Pineapple
(and I will have enough for lunch on Friday and Saturday-and barbecue just gets better with age)

Total: $19 (one meal-five people, two lunches for mom)

A savings of $3! (Plus the savings on the two lunches for me)
I put the ribs in the crockpot and let them cook all day. What a wonderful welcome when I got home from work tired.
The potatoes I will cook right before we eat, so they will be fresh and hot. (I usually do any cleaning I need to do while they cook).
The pineapple I just slice down the middle and then into slices. The kids eat it just like you would watermelon.

Now we not only have to look at the $ savings. We have to look at nutrition. Pineapple has lots of good vitamins in it as well as the potatoes. The ribs are full of iron. And we have to look at how filling it is. An hour after eating take out (which I love just as much as the next person), I was hungry for “something”. An hour after eating ribs, I will still be full and content. That “something” I ate (popcorn last night) has a cost, both dollar wise and calorie wise.

So save yourself some money tonight. Cook at home. Eat as a family. Take leftovers to work tomorrow and not only save money, but have your coworkers be jealous of the yummy food you are eating.


2 thoughts on “How caring for your family will save you money…

  1. “12 Krystals” I wonder how many of those I ate growing up in Knoxville. We have gumbo and all the good Cajun food now, but every now and then a dozen of those little burgers would be good.


  2. John,
    When we were little grandpa would take us every Sunday after church to visit family. He’d order about 50 of those things and we’d eat until we couldn’t move. They were a nickle a piece in those days. We’d then build houses from the boxes and knock them over. Looking back I bet the people in the store hated seeing the old couple with the ten little kids coming in the door.

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