Hanging with the descendants

A girl at work asked if I had big plans this weekend. Not really, just hanging with the descendants.
Friday night is Football night. My band kids have a home game, so I have to be there for halftime show. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks, since they have been playing away games, so I am looking forward to seeing the improvement.

Saturday is Mom and Dad date day. We brunch together (alone). I always look forward to that.
#3 cheers tomorrow evening. I like late in the day games in early fall, because it’s cool enough that you feel like watching football. She got sick last week, so I am hoping she gets to cheer the whole game this week.

Sunday is our family reunion. Hope to see about 200 of my closest cousins Sunday.

Monday I am off and plan on cleaning house. And resting. Tuesday, #1 has to go back to the heart doctor for a checkup.

In the in-between times, I plan on just hanging with the descendants. I want to get my fall decorations out, get the garage cleaned out before winter, and make some Rice Krispie treats with the girls.

I also want to pick out paint and tiles for the powder room, because when I am off for fall break, I want to paint and tile in there. It’s a small room, so it should go pretty fast. The sink is a baby pink, so I am thinking of a baby green (kind of a lime color) for the walls. The tiles I want to be neutral so I can change the wall color easily.


One thought on “Hanging with the descendants

  1. Well, the coffee is probably cold almost 48 hours later, but I thought I’d drop in to meet and say hello! I found your link at “Home Sanctuary”.

    This is a really cool blog! I have attempted to research our family tree before and got frustrated. It was MANY years ago, and there were not near the resources that are available today. Your blog has inspired me to consider giving it another go. I will definitely come back here for tips!

    Hope you had a blessed weekend!
    ~ Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

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