Today has been productive. Since I know I won’t feel like doing anything after our family reunion, I decided to get my Sunday chores done today. While I had the sheets off, hubby decided to work on the bed. It’s been acting like it’s not sturdy lately, so he took the mattresses off, which gave me access to all the dust bunnies that gather in the middle. I had washed the dust ruffle this week, so I ironed it and when he was done, we put the whole bed, clean sheets and all back together. Since I am getting tired, it will be nice to sleep in the new bed. Turned out one of the support legs had fallen over so it did need some TLC.

Also got a cabinet in the kitchen cleaned out so I could put the lunch foods up there, so the kids would know which foods they can eat, and which need to be used just for lunches. Those individual serving foods are great for lunches, but expensive. I can also put things I need for special meals there and they will know not to eat that either. The rest of the pantry is free game.

And I got some of my fall decorations up. I lost interest at some point as did #3.

We did get the Rice Krispies made though. YUM!
I did some genealogy for tomorrow’s reunion. I don’t normally take my laptop, but think I am going to tomorrow. I think I will let each person come up and make sure their information is complete and correct. After our game tonight, I may work on it some more. I need to find some time to do some cemetery pages, as I am way behind on those. Maybe I can get some done Monday while I am off.

Since I know #1 has to go to the doctor on Tuesday, I also started #3’s laundry today, so when I get home tired, I won’t have to work that in between supper and cheerleading practice. Next week I am not leaving my house except for work. LOL

We lost our football game last 34-3. It was pretty much expected, but it still stinks. The band was great though. They’ve gotten their groove back and have finally learned all the sets, so it looked and sounded great. Got to talk to several of my good friends and my best friend who I haven’t seen in ages. We did more gossiping than football watching, but it was so much fun. #3 and her crowd ran around the field ignoring the poor boys who kept saying “Hi” despite knowing that it would be met with rolled eyes. Girls are so fickle at that age.

I could so take a nap, but we have to leave soon for #3’s football game. Then it will be time to cook supper, baths, and then it will be bedtime. I wonder if my ancestor’s lives were always so busy. Did they ever wonder where the time goes? Did they look at the kids and wonder when did they grow up so fast? Did they attend games at their kids schools, or did they send the kids off on their own?

Update: #3’s team lost their game as well. Not a good football weekend at our house. The girls did a great job cheering though. We came home, had fish sandwiches, homemade cole slaw, pineapple and chips for supper. YUM Everyone is bathed and in bed but me, and now I am headed that way too.


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