General Monday Musing…

Man, have I gotten bitten by a lazy bug today. 🙂 I would love to sit and stare at the wall all day and pretty much have. My chore list is pretty long today, but most of it was done on Saturday, so it won’t take long to knock it out, and that’s the issue. If I had a lot pressing, I would hop right to it, but with just a little pressing, I am having a time finding motivation.

I did get the picnic area rented for next years reunion, and treated myself to lunch. I think now I am going to work on entering some of the new data I got yesterday. I am looking for a good way to keep up with my contacts list. Kinda like an electronic Rolodex. I use Outlook 2007, so I may move the names from my word file to it. I need a way to keep up with when people pass on, so I don’t send them reminders for the reunion. I like having it on the computer, because it’s so much easier to print that way.

I’ve been loosely following a discussion on a mailing list where someone requested an obituary lookup for that county. Turns out the city they needed wasn’t in that county, as someone not so nicely (in my opinion) pointed out. Then someone else said, “yes it was.” Then someone else pointed out the county itself wasn’t formed on those dates… The first guy still hasn’t gotten the lookup… Why not just offer to do the lookup if it’s in an area you can do it?

I don’t think my RSS feeds on Outlook are working correctly. For one, I haven’t gotten any from here in about 3 weeks, and yesterday I got 14 from another blog when I haven’t heard from it in months. I doubt she was quiet for months and then wrote 14 posts in one day. Not sure what’s going on. For a while there I was getting one blog over and over again (the entire blog) every day. I had to unsubscribe to it for a few weeks, and then resubscribe. The issue appears to have fixed itself, though I leave one unread post in the list just so it won’t load the whole blog again and again. I did have one of my posts I hadn’t deleted, and when I deleted it, my last post showed up on the list, so maybe saving posts in the RSS feed affects downloads in some way. Not sure.

Well, I am off to try and convince myself to do something. 🙂 We’re having spaghetti for supper, so maybe I will at least lay out the hamburger for the sauce. Then I will go clean the already mostly clean rooms and see if I feel any more energetic. Or maybe I will turn on TV and see what on daytime TV that captures so many’s attention. I am not a big TV watcher, and rarely turn it on in the daytime. Maybe I am missing something! I doubt it. We don’t have cable, and the local channels come in horribly on our new digital box, so I’d rather have the peace and quiet.

Well there’s my ramblings for today. Hope you have a good genealogy day!


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