I wanna new drug…

Remember that song from the 80s? My allergies are killing me. My head hurts if I don’t take the medicine, I am a sleepy mess if I do. Poor mom called yesterday to check on #1 and I let her have it. I called this morning to apologize, my cell phone died, and I hung up on her. She’s crazy about her grand kids, especially #1, so I know she was just worried about him. But when she called I was trying to not take my migraine medicine, just rest it off. Well, that was working fine while I was asleep, but once I woke up, the pain came back full strength, like a Mac truck between the eyes.

I did finally get the phone charged enough to call and apologize for hanging up on her as well. Everyone talks about how pretty this time of year is, but I wouldn’t know. I spend my time indoors hiding from the pollen, mold, and cotton spray.

I just wonder which one of my ancestors did I inherit this inability to handle pollen? I would say my Maternal great grand parents, since it’s that side of the family that also suffers from migraines. Maybe that explains why my great great grandfather worked for the railroad, instead of farming. Maybe working in the fields made his head hurt. Today it would kill mine.

Of course, I am not alone in my misery. Everyone I know is tired of “the sinus” as it’s becoming known in these parts. “The sinus” is responsible for more days missed from work and school than any other cause. It’s responsible for more fights, less productivity. I am not the only one hanging up on people apparently.

Mom was good natured about it. She didn’t notice I was short with her yesterday, though I don’t know how. Since she was busy this morning, I don’t think she minded much when I ended the conversation, even if I was a little brisk about it. We both know not to worry if the other gets cut off mid-sentence. Such is the nature of cell phones.

Yeah, I wanna new drug.. one that won’t make me crazy, sleepy, hyper or angry. And I want it to get rid of my allergies once and for all.


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