But isn’t that stealing…

I had to take #3 to the eye doctor today and while we were waiting to get her glasses fixed, I started reading this article in Reader’s Digest

The No Buy Challenge.

In it he talks about using his neighbor’s internet (not password protected) and reading his neighbor’s paper before he gets up. Now I am all for saving money and spending what I do spend wisely, but isn’t this stealing? Is this really what we want to teach our children. Don’t pay for internet, use the neighbors… Don’t buy a paper, read the neighbors and then take it back…

I admit I didn’t read all the article at the time because we were only there a few minutes. And yes, I was reading the magazine for free, though I am sure my eye doctor adds the cost of the subscriptions into his fees. He seems like a good business man.

I want my children to use what we have wisely, save money, purchase only what we need, and save wants for special occasions. I don’t want to teach them that its okay to take what is not theirs.

Maybe it’s just me.


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