Information Highway…

Driving home from Nashville the other day, I was overwhelmed by the traffic. Hubby was driving about 70, but cars were passing us on both sides of the road, sometimes at the same time. If you are like me and subscribe to all the popular, and even a few not so popular genealogy blogs, you’ve probably been a little overwhelmed lately. Talk about information overload.

Company X is merging with Company Y and they are going to call themselves Z.

Company Z is changing it’s name to Company A…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the information that’s available out there for us genealogists. Multiply the same announcement by 20 blogs, and you feel like you are on overload. It’s hard to keep up. Some days I just delete all the posts and pretend that I haven’t seen anything about a new database coming online. After all, it will be there tomorrow right. And the company will be changing their name, so I will be able to read about it again when that happens.

Which begs to wonder… Why do companies constantly change names? I have had the same name for 23 years and it’s worked great. Hubby knows me by it. The kids like it (though they also prefer Mom). My mother-in-law addresses birthday cards to it, and even friends from High School, who knew me by my previous name, have no issues finding me under my new one. I got it when I did a merger back in 1985 with Hubby. His name was easier to pronounce and spell than the old one, and being a traditionalist, I took his. When he and I merged with #1 to form a larger family, he was told he would carry the company name. Same when #2 and #3 came alone. It seemed easier that way. We didn’t have to send out notices that Company A was merging with newborn B and would now be known as Company C. Nope, we just kept the same name.

I understand company mergers and why you might want to change the name, but what about brand loyalty? If I sell you a Ford, Coke, or Kleenex, you know exactly what kind of product you are getting. You know where to find them when you need them. No need to have a pedigree chart for the company to find the current name to find the product.

Nope, Hubby and I and #1, #2 and #3, are keeping our company name. Someday #2 and #3 will merge and take the name of their new company. That’s life. But people are supposed to have pedigrees. I am not sure companies are…


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