Cemetery cleanup

I have been trying to get a few new cemetery pages online tonight, but have also been fixing some issues that other pages on my website have as well.

For instance:
When you load a page, the name of the cemetery should show on the tab, but many of them either don’t show, or are incorrect. Working on it.

Some had old (Very old) contact information for me on them. Fixing those as I find them.-fixed

Hope to put in links to the home page, and other pages for that cemetery, but that’s still down the road. It takes time and concentration. 😉

Some older pages aren’t even using the same theme as the newer ones. Slowly trying to get all pages looking alike.

Fixing contact information for some of the photographers. You want to be able to contact them, don’t you? -fixed, I think. If your information is wrong, let me know.

Haven’t visited our site before? Start Here-Rutherford County, TN cemeteries

Ya’ll have fun now, hear.


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