General Monday Musings…

Our pastor has been speaking from the book of Revelations and last night his sermon was on “Are you ready?” Now I fully understand that he meant spiritually ready, which I am. If you aren’t, please read this. How to be Spiritually Ready for the second coming. If you aren’t spiritually ready, please don’t hesitate. If you are, enjoy the following.

I offer the following tongue in cheek scenario of when Jesus comes back:

I’ll be in my cleaning Jammie pants and tee-shirt. Sorry Flylady, but I do not get dressed to the makeup to clean my house. I use sweat and bleach to clean my bathrooms and I prefer not to get that on my good clothes. My house cleaning outfit consists of the jammie pants (think lots of moving room) and an old tee-shirt. I do wear shoes, because my feet hurt otherwise. I don’t wear makeup ever, but that’s personal. πŸ™‚ If you show up on my front door on cleaning day, you ain’t going to see me no way because I ain’t opening the door. If I decide to go to Wendy’s and get a little lunch, I don’t care what I look like, they love me. When I come in the door they start my usual, and have it ready for me at the counter. I visit a lot on Mondays. πŸ™‚ They probably wouldn’t recognize me without the Jammie pants anyway. Showed up with the family one Sunday all dressed up and they were quite cordial. But I digress.

There I’ll be in the bathroom, mopping the floor and the trumpet of the Lord will sound and Jesus will be waiting. Will I be ready? Nope, I can hear me now… “Be there in a second Lord, just let me finish mopping this room, and then I need to fold that load of clothes in the drier, and then put the ones in the washer. By the way, do you think we have time to stop and get lunch? I didn’t have much breakfast and I am really starving.”

As the Lord rolls his eyes at me (kind of like Hubby does every Sunday morning. LOL) I will run around turning off lights and locking doors.

Yup, spiritually I am ready. But you might want to give me a little warning, I have no idea where I left my keys.


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