I feel goofy..

I’m in a goofy feeling mood today. Could be that it’s finally cooler outside that’s got me kicking up my heals, or maybe its the mixture of Tylenol Severe Cold and Alergy and Imitrex. All I know is I feel silly today for some reason.

I think the real reason is that I had way too much sugar this week. #3 finally turned 11 with enough pink cupcakes to feed a nation, and we had a “fun day” at work with enough snicker doodles to feed another nation (with icing on top, since the snicker doodle itself wasn’t sweet enough). So I had a pink cupcake for breakfast. A snicker doodle and a piece of pizza for lunch. A piece of pizza and another pink cupcake for dinner and a piece of cookie cake to wash down the pink icing before bed. It’s a wonder I’m not in a coma.

So today I feel silly. I have also tried to eat only proteins today. I figure I have already had October’s carbs.

Which is hilarious, if you consider the fact that I hate red icing. I normally don’t eat any cake that has any shade of red on it, especially if the shade of red is fuchsia. Which is what the cupcakes were. Even Barbie wouldn’t eat cupcakes that pink. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully in a few weeks I will be off my sugar high. After all, my calendar says something about a holiday called Halloween, which #3 assures me falls on a Friday this year, and she assures me that she and her friends are supposed to go door to door begging for candy. Now I know a lot of family’s think Halloween is evil and don’t celebrate, but I’m not sure I can hate a holiday where my neighbors will give my children chocolate. How can this be a bad thing? They leave with an empty pillow case and come home with 42 pounds of Hershey’s kisses. My gosh, why can’t we celebrate this holiday once a month. January could be frozen meat month. February could be canned goods. March could be paper products. April could be toiletries. May could be fresh veggies. June could be fresh flowers. July could be fireworks. August could be school supplies. September could be batteries (Christmas is coming after all). October would be chocolate. November could be warm clothes. December would be toys, of course. We’d never have to shop again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yup, I feel goofy, but it’s that time of year. There’s a nip in the air, the trees are dropping leaves, and kids are dreaming of dressing up like something scary and getting way too much candy as a reward.
Or it’s that red dye #2…


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