Lost and well, not found

Usually when you see a blog post about lost ancestors there’s a reward. Well, I am a poor mom of three kids. The reward is in the finding.

  • Hiram Edde born 07 May 1808 It is possible that Hiram was born between Shelby County, KY where his parents were married in May 1806 or Bedford County, TN where his father bought land in 1810.
    Hiram married Candace Johnson Holt most likely in Bedford County, TN around 1827, but marriage records of that time period do not exist.
    He is enumerated in Bedford County, TN in 1820 and 1830. He buys land in Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN in 1841, and sells a slave to Alex Eaken in Sep 1841 in Bedford County. He sells land in 1844 and 1846 to Tarleton Reeves in Bedford County, TN.

    By 1850, Hiram is living in the 23rd Civil District of Bedford County, TN. I have gaurdianships for his children dated 1851 and he was sued several times in 1852-58. He is named in a gaurdianship in Mar 1860 in Bedford County, TN and is sued in Mar 1860. But I can not find him on the 1860 census or the son-in-law, James Hastings mentioned in the court cases.

    Where was Hiram Edde in 1860. And where did he die?

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