It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old mom is….

Well goofing off. 🙂 I had to get all cleaned up to talk to my daughter’s class about genealogy and I don’t want to get messed up because I have a meeting tonight, so I am sitting here, trying to fill in the time.

Things I learned from my talk to fifth graders:

Not all families are equal. Yes, I knew that, but it hits home when you are teaching a class on genealogy and a child says “what if you don’t know your mom or dad, grandma is raising you?” It’s hard enough on grandma to raise the sweet child without having some woman from school tell the child she needs to know all about her ancestry. I also learned even in our area that is mostly affluent, there are a lot of children being raised by grandparents.

Grandmas talk too much. When I asked the kids to raise their hands if their grandmother talked a lot, the entire class raised their hands. Yet not one child could tell you what they ever said. Grandmas talk a lot, but their grandchildren aren’t listening.

Children love hugs, unless they are your own. Every kid in the class hugged me either when I came in or when I left, except #3. She tried to pretend I didn’t exist.

Teachers will let you talk all day if you can. 😉 I spent a lot of time letting the first class ask questions and answering them. She didn’t seem to mind. I hope she enjoyed her break. She’s doing a fantastic job with her two classes.

Children are well behaved and polite. They were so polite and well behaved. They made their teacher proud. They were eager to listen and I had a great time with them. I hope one of them decides to become a genealogist and remembers the lady who introduced her daughter as her 7th cousin once removed, who is related to Abraham Lincoln, and who taught them to fill out a pedigree chart. I also hope #3 will forgive me for using her as an example of genetics and for showing up at her school. I didn’t have my hair in rollers and I was fully dressed. Hopefully I didn’t embarrass her too much. 🙂

Hopefully I stirred a little interest in #3 as well. She’s never really shown that much interest before, but I could see she was really proud to be related to Abraham Lincoln, even if it did mean she had to be related to me as well.

Since it was homecoming week, I also go to help with some decorations for the fifth grade hall, and I got to play with the sweetest baby while her mother decorated in Kindergarten. She looked exactly like #2 did as a baby and she smelled so good. Made me thankful I was coming home to teenagers. They aren’t sweet nor do they smell good, but they can do their own laundry and go get takeout burgers when I am too tired to cook. Every age has it’s advantages. 🙂


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