I can goof off for 15 minutes at a time…

For those of you who are fans of Flylady, you know she says you can do anything for 15 minutes at a time. Now I’ve tried the system and it has some good qualities and some bad (can you say way too many emails), but prefer my own system (see left hand widget).

But I figure if Flylady can clean for 15 minutes at a time, I can goof off for 15 minutes at a time. I have been peeling wallpaper and frankly there’s very little mental stimulation in peeling wallpaper.

  • I’ve had a long discussion (not out loud) with a guy who is trolling a website I have posted too. Explaining to him what I would like to do with bottom feeders like him.
  • I’ve tried to figure out how to convince hubby to get rid of the cabinet in the UR and make more floor space.
  • Planned out Thanksgiving dinner, then decided no one would drive two hours to my house (the whole family would have to drive as apposed to just our one car).
  • Tried to figure how big a turkey I’d need to feed 50 people and if my stove could handle it.
  • Tried to decide if we would have cheer leading tonight. It’s raining, but the float has to be finished tonight. And they have a garage. 😦
  • Tried to decide what I was going to do in the morning, since I have to work tomorrow evening. Don’t want to get all painted up. 😉
  • Tried to remember why I bought some of the stuff Hubby found in the UR when he took down the shelves. I am constantly looking for the perfect laundry solution. Have come to realize that just doing it as Nike used to say is the only perfect laundry solution.
  • So wanna join me? 15 minutes of goofing off? No guilt? No timer. LOL


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