I supposed to be…

I am off of work this week and I am supposed to be taking down wallpaper and painting today. But it’s raining, and I am in my jammies, working my way through a marriage roll of microfilm.

I am supposed to be folding clothes, but it’s raining… No that’s not really an excuse, but it’s all I got. 🙂

I am supposed to be mopping the kitchen. But.. well you know.

Why is it that when I am supposed to be doing housework, my brain wants to do genealogy, and when I have time set aside to do genealogy, my brain can think of a million things that need to be done around the house?

At least the rain is moving out of our area. I have been waiting for it for months, and am very thankful for the nearly 2 inches of rain God sent this week. We so needed it. My allergies have calmed down so I am pretty sure the pollen count is low today.

So as I try to motivate myself to do what I am supposed to do, I hope you are having a good day. And I hope you don’t have a lot you are supposed to do.


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