Why is it that…

if someone has a picture with their obituary, my brain will be convinced we are related. I will fly by surnames in my database, to go to a picture of someone with a picture beside their obit. Even if that person is not of my race, or has a name I have never heard of.

What is it about that image that draws me to that obituary?

Now for some reason, it really creeps me out (#2’s favorite saying) to see a picture of a really young person, and the dead guy is like 87. Why not put a nice picture of him now, or at least in his 80s on the obit. Who is going to recognize the 27 year old and go “hey, that’s Bob.”

Then the funny ones are the ones that only give a nick name. Like when he was born, his mother looked at him and said, “Let’s name him Flaming Joe.” I understand when it says, “John William “Flaming Joe” Smith died…” But nope, no formal name, just Flaming Joe. Which leads me to how do you get a name like Flaming Joe? I mean I understand PeeWee, or Red, or Short Stuff. But Flaming Joe. One of my ancestors was killed by a man named (no lie, the court documents called him this) Cedar Dick. Now there’s a story I would love to hear.

Yup, I am drawn in by the picture. When I die, hubby can either put my most current picture on the obit page, or he can pick one of a really young sexy starlet. Either way, it won’t matter. The person reading it probably won’t be related to me. May not even be the same race and definitely not a surname they are related to.


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