It was a good night, until

Last night was homecoming parade, and pep rally. It was a good night. #3 rode with her cheer leading buddies on a float. #1 rode with the seniors in toga, no less, and #2 marched with the band. The night was perfect for such fun and the pep rally was energizing.

We were having a good night until…
#1 came in head in hand. Seems he and his girl friend were talking by his car. Some boys ran by and yelled PDA, PDA at them and embarrassed the girl. THen a teacher came out and yelled at #1 and the girl. (Not at the boys who are constantly picking on #1 and now apparently the girl as well)

Now I believe my son when he says they were just talking. He’s not one to be overly affectionate, especially in public. BUT after he’d told the story, #2 (his sister) came in and told the same story word for word, and she said the teacher said some things that were totally uncalled for. Believe me, she’s not one to back up what her brother says or take his side in such issues, so now I really believe his version

So #1 was depressed and upset. After I told him just to blow it off, the teacher was probably tired. But if she wanted to make an issue, to call me.

Then he called the girl, and her mother felt the same way and he was all happy again. Plus the girl had told her mom basically the same story.

I am dreading hearing what happened today. Did the teacher make a scene? Did the mother go to the school like she said she was going to? Will I get a call?

So I am assuming it was a good night. We had fun, and he looks great in a toga. 🙂 And the girl still thinks he rocks her world. All may be well in teenagedom.

Now, I know that teenage hormones are what cause parently grey hairs, but I am almost totally white headed, (thanks Mrs. Clairol) and dad is almost totally bald. Can we move beyond the hormones soon?!?

UPDATE: Can you believe they got garbage duty. I was so mad. The band teacher couldn’t override another teacher, so they have to have garbage duty. Despite several witnesses that said they weren’t doing anything inappropriate.

So they are still at school, slowly and thoroughly cleaning the stands. It may take all night, since the same teacher that gave them garbage duty is the one closing up the school tonight, they aren’t going to be in any hurry, for fear they might miss some little itty bitty piece of trash. Hope she wasn’t in any hurry to get home tonight. Oh well…

We won homecoming!!!


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