Saving your sanity while renovating…

This post is not written to be a how to for anyone else, but rather a method of listing what I need to do to save my own sanity.

  • Keep to your regular schedule as much as possible This has been homecoming week and so that has been a hard one. But Hubby and I at least made time to see #1 and #2 march the halftime show and to attend the community parade. The down time went a long way when that first piece of plywood wouldn’t come up.
  • Keep to your regular cleaning schedule as much as possible This one may even be harder. The things that were stored in the room you are renovating has to go somewhere and usually that’s adjoining rooms which can quickly become overwhelmed. But clean underwear and clean glasses make it so worth it at the end of the day. Being able to shower in a clean shower at the end of a dusty renovating job can make or break a DIYer.
  • Eat nutritiously. This one is hardest. Since we are constantly making trips into town to get something we need, picking up fast food is so easy and it easy to gain weight while renovating and become rundown from the poor quality food. Especially hard if the kitchen is involved in the renovation. Plan out meals when you plan out the renovation schedule and make time for one person to prepare and clean up after them.
  • Sleep regularlyThe temptation is to work late into the night, but from experience I can tell you that it’s a BAD idea to stay up late and work on projects. Hence the piece of wallpaper hung upside down in one house, the trips to the emergency room after 2 am…Plus you tend to say things you don’t mean when you are tired. No sense in doing all this work, just to have to share it with divorce lawyers down the road.
  • Involve the entire family Kids can carry supplies, get ice water, pick up trash, run errands (if they are old enough to drive), surf the internet for best deals on supplies… Teach them to do the things you are working on so they will know how when they get their house. They can also help keep the rest of the house from looking like a construction zone.
  • Clean up as you go.The job will seem smaller when you are finished if you carry off old construction stuff as you go. Make sure you are disposing of it properly.
  • Enjoy the process. Soon it will be done and you don’t want to remember how bad it was, but rather how good it was. And think of the pride you’ll have once it’s finished!
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