Renovation-Day ??

What day is it? Actually the renovation is going totally on schedule.

I got all the wallpaper down on Friday. Never again will I hang wallpaper. I take an oath. Okay, maybe, but only under duress. The primer and first coat of paint got done late Friday afternoon and then I took a little nap.

Hubby got home Friday night and we hit the home improvement store for supplies to lay the tile. We finished that in time to go see #1 and #2 march the after show at homecoming. The band has greatly improved since that first week! I was very impressed, even if I am a band mom. They literally blew us out of the stands. I saw a few minor boo boos, horns not level, etc, but only a band mom or director would see that. They looked fabulous! And we won homecoming!!!

We came home and started taking up the old floor. Man what a job. I couldn’t help hubby other than moral support, but I could tell he was exhausted and frustrated when midnight came.

Saturday- #3 had a football game, so we worked a little on getting the old floor up and then went to her game. After her game, he got the rest of the old floor up and late Saturday night the new subfloor went down and I started on the second coat of paint. I am very sick of painting!

Sunday afternoon was tiling time. I was painting, he was tiling and #1 was sulking. Add in a little lack of sleep, and a wet saw that wouldn’t work and soon words were flying. 😉 I ended up taking the saw back to the home improvement store to return it since it was 1) broke, and 2) he couldn’t get the blade on. Turns out it had a reverse motor and he was turning the screw the wrong way. But since it was also broke and the trip gave tempers time to cool, it was worth the hour lost.

After church he got most of the rest of the floor down. He still needs to cut a few pieces and do the closet tonight and then it will need to dry for a few days. I didn’t get all the second coat up before he got to a point where I had to quit, so I will need to do that also. Then hopefully on Wednesday, the grouting can begin. Hopefully the washer and drier will get moved back on Friday or Saturday.

So today I am taking a much needed break from painting. I had to go to the doctor for a yearly checkup and got blood work taken, and my arms are killing me both from tired muscles and the bloodwork.

I do need to hit the grocery store. It’s a holiday so I won’t need to go to the post office until tomorrow.

May rest for a while and then hit my marriage microfilm. Haven’t done hardly any genealogy while I’ve been off from work.


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