We’re going to be a rock star…

Okay today, #3 bought her Halloween costume. She told me she was going to be a vampire. She’s developed this huge interest in Vampires thanks to her father and old Dark Shadows episodes he’s downloaded off the Internet. Great I thought. A little blood, white face. Cheap, easy…

I am not one of those moms that says no scary costumes. I believe Halloween is about being something you aren’t. My kids are really good kids 364 days a year, so if they want to be something scary for Halloween, fine, after all, their Pa took them trick or treating every year until he died as Satan himself. It was always funny to see Dad and 25 little kids trick or treating. Halloween was his favorite time of year. He died on October 27, 2002. We left mom’s and drove straight home after the funeral in order to get home in time that year to trick or treat. I wasn’t missing dad’s favorite holiday just because he wasn’t with us. Even our friends ask about dad, since all the moms loved sending the kids with him, and we could leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

So today she tells me she’s going to be a Hippy. Then she brings me a costume for a rock star (50s style). I didn’t argue. She will want to go to Trunk or Treat at church and scary costumes aren’t allowed there.

She’s excited about being a Hippy Rock Star, so I am not going to tell her that the costume she bought is about 10 years too early. 😉 It is after all about fantasy. I’ve bought round one of the candy. The kids will have that eaten by the 30th. I will have to go get more. I do this every year and every year, I swear I am going to wait until the 29th. But who can wait when the smell of chocolate is in the air. Thanks to my grandfather, the candy salesman, I am a bubblegum nut, so I don’t buy that until the 29th. He always made us chew it 5 pieces at a time, so I can’t chew just one piece at a time. I buy a bag just for me and then several more for the trick or treaters. So if you see a grown woman, with a Hippy Rock Star, chewing 5 pieces of bubblegum, going house to house on Halloween, be sure and say hi! I won’t be able to talk back around all that gum, but I promise to wave!


4 thoughts on “We’re going to be a rock star…

  1. I love Dark Shadows! On of my favorite memories as a kid was watching that show (I had to rush home from school to catch it at 2:30 PM, I think.) Where did your husband find the videos online?

  2. I don’t know exactly. If you Search for Dark Shadows on Google and I bet you can find them. I wasn’t a soap fan back in those days, but he was.

    You can find several episodes on YouTube.

  3. Thanks! I’ll check YouTube! Us Dark Shadows addicts gotta support each other… 🙂

  4. Ruth,
    I saw them on sale Sunday at Target. Don’t know how good the quality is, or what year they were from. But if you are still looking, I’d check there.

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