DNA with Megan

I am so excited! I am signed up for a lecture Saturday on DNA with Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. Yes, I did spell her name correctly.

She is an expert on DNA and genealogy. Since I have been off, I have barely had time to do any personal genealogy. But Saturday I have all day to myself, and am really looking forward to the lecture. I have a copy of her book, Honoring our Ancestors that I hope to get her to autograph, if I don’t forget to take it with me.

I am looking forward to an entire day with other genealogist who get why I am excited and who are just as excited. My family thinks I am nuts. 🙂

It will be fun to talk about genealogy all day, and not think about what is going on at home.
#1 and #2 have an away game Friday, so they will probably sleep all day, and #3 has a football game, so she and her dad will probably go to that. But for one whole day, I won’t be mom. I won’t be a housewife. I won’t even be the woman who is renovating her Utility Room. I will just be a genealogist. Wow, I can hardly wait!


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