Old man winter decided to drop by over night. I wish he’d called first, I would have told him the house wasn’t clean. LOL But when we got up, he’d already came by, left a calling card and headed on down the road. He left behind a cold damp house.

Today is going to be quiet. #1 and #2 have an away game and had to be at school at noon. They left early to go see friends they haven’t seen all week (yet talked to constantly). #3 is playing on the computer and I am… drumroll… washing clothes.

I am going to work on my marriage roll today and wash clothes and get the house straightened up a little. It’s not bad, but since I won’t be here most of the weekend, I want it to be clean before I leave.

I don’t mind running the drier today though. Maybe it will take some of the nip out of the air. At least we don’t have snow like I saw on the news last night. Can’t even remember where it was they said they already had snow, but everyone looked happy. I hate snow, so I would not be happy to see it in October!


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