Why I love TMG utility

If you are a big user of The Master Genealogist, like me, you know that there are times when you want to preform a task globally and nothing does that better than TMG utility by John Cardinal.

Over the years, I have set up Name tags for women after they married to make it easier to find them in the Picklist and Project Explorer in TMG. But over the years, I haven’t been consistent in how I had set those up and inconsistency drives me absolutely crazy!

So today I first made a backup of my project in TMG. Never can be too safe.

Then I closed TMG and opened TMG U as it’s lovingly called. I first used the Tags>Delete Tag by Type option to delete the tags I have created over the years. That took less than two seconds to delete over 5,000 tags. Imagine doing that by hand!

Then using the Add Married Name feature. I had TMG U create new married name tags. I put the Mrs. Prefix before the name and put her maiden name into parenthesis and had it exclude the name so that it wouldn’t print like this -(Johns) and then it added in the soundex for her maiden name.

So her new name looks like Mrs. Sally Ann Smith -(Johns) -(S530)

It took less than two seconds to run it under LOG ONLY, so I could see the results without it updating my database.
Then when I was sure that was what I wanted, another two seconds to add 5,500+ name tags back to the database. In less than a minute, I had fixed an inconsistency problem in my database, blogged it to you and was back up working on my data.

That’s why I love John Cardinal’s TMG utility. If you are a new user and you love it too, I encourage you to read John’s page on why his software is considered Donorware. I have donated several times and it is easy to do. You select the amount and it’s for a great cause.

Just one of the reasons why I am a proud member of the genealogy community. Great users helping others do things more efficiently and asking little or nothing for themselves in return.


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