Where Have all My RSS feeds gone?

Noticed today that I haven’t been hearing much from some of the genealogy blogs I subscribe to via RSS in Outlook 2007. I seriously think there’s a bug in 2007. (I did do a security patch the other day, wonder if that affected them.)

I subscribe to quite a number of these and it’s taken me a good part of the last 30 minutes to go and find the feeds again. Hopefully I will continue to get them for a while.

Now I have lots to read. Some of them I was getting and just deleting. 😉 but others were definitely not coming through. Could be the blogs moved, or the feed burner did. It’s kinda irritating, since you don’t realize that you aren’t getting the posts and have no way of knowing you’ve been unsubscribed. I don’t really want to get them via Email, so I am stuck with RSS or surfing the net for hours on end.

Oh well, if your RSS feeds have been looking a little trim lately, you might want to check yours as well. Don’t want to miss out on a genealogy merger, or a free trial of your favorite for fee site.


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