For those that don’t read comments-Podcasts

You may have missed that Lisa Cooke of Genealogy Gems was the one who created The Socks to America.
If you don’t listen to Lisa’s podcast, you are missing a huge treat. She’s been on my MP3 player since I got it. I love listening to her voice.

Now I want to say something about listening to podcasts. It does not have to be hard or expensive. In fact, I use an MP3 player and Juice which is totally free software. I just tell it where to find the podcasts I like (genealogy, Bible, House keeping, you can pick from millions of topics) and it will automatically download those to my computer. I use Windows Media Player to copy them onto my MP3 player. I bought a cheap cassette converter so I can listen in my car. This thing looks like a cassette, but has a jack that goes into the microphone jack on the MP3 player. I think I got it on clearance at Walmart for under $5. It goes into the cassette player, and I listen to the MP3 player on the car stereo speakers.

I haven’t used Itunes, but I believe they are also free, if you have an Ipod or an MP3 player.

But one word of warning! This is more addicting than genealogy. Once you discover all the wonderful podcasts out there, you will find yourself wondering why these people don’t quit their jobs and do nothing but make new podcasts. 😉

So thanks Lisa for the comment. Keep up the good work. I do love your podcast.

When I have a little more time, I will add a podcast widget for those of you who haven’t tried them and would like to see some of my favorites. But you’ve been warned. It’s addictive!


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