3000 Sources!

Tonight I finished my Genealogy Challenge by creating my 3000th source. Now my database has 16,335 people, so that is a very small percentage of sources to people and I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am making progress.
Here are some of my statistics.

People 16, 335
Names 25, 298
Places 2391
Citations 17, 399
Exhibits 2437
Research Tasks 2579

Of course, the last one was kinda bitter sweet. A brother of my uncle passed away yesterday. His obit was #3000. His brother was one of my favorite uncles and I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, so my mother didn’t hesitate to call at 10 pm (yes, I was already asleep) last night to tell me a brother of an uncle by marriage had died. That’s how small towns work. Just wish mom understood that there are some basic rules of death announcements.

If the deceased is a parent, sibling, spouse or child of the person you are calling, call any time. They will want to know.

If the deceased is a cousin, nephew, niece, aunt or uncle or the person you are calling, call before 9 pm or after 8 am the next morning. They will want to know, but don’t really need to be awaken at 2 am for the news.

If the deceased is a 2nd cousin, relation via marriage, sibling of a relation via marriage. Then you don’t have to call the minute you get the information. Unless you are calling the person to preach, sing at, or be a pall bearer at the funeral, the information can wait until a reasonable hour the next day.

If the person isn’t related to you and the person (okay, by this I mean me) reads the obits everyday anyway, you can send an email or just let them read it themselves.

But bless her soul, they were close and she was hurting and had I not been so asleep I couldn’t even think I would have been more sympathetic. He was a good man and his wife and children will miss him. But 84 is a good long life. Hope Mom is so lucky.


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