Wow, My Credit Must Be Great

With the talk of recession, you may be worried about how you can buy things like groceries, gas, clothes, college education…

Well, I’m not. My credit is so good that I just got an email from someone in another country who trusts me so much he’s going to send me his entire inheritance. All I have to do is put it in my bank and wait for directions from him and he and I are going to be rich!

Yeah right. If you believe that one, you probably have more credit issues than you can handle, which by credit I mean mental.

Of course, he is going to let me invest in some business in my country. I will be helping the economy with this huge investment of his inheritance.

Yeah right. Who does he think he’s kidding. If he wants to help the US economy, I have heard you can donate money straight to the IRS. Why go through me, a simple mother of three teenagers. I doubt my purchasing large amounts of Webkins is going to help the economy any time soon. If it could, I assure you there’d be no recession.

Yeah, as soon as he “reads from me” he’s going to make me the deal of a lifetime. Yeah, that’s going to happen. I don’t need deals of a lifetime. I need a back rub, a hot shower and a three hour nap. I need dinner for two in a quiet restaurant. I need some ideas of what to fix for supper, because I am not in the mood for what’s on the schedule (see previous comment).

What I don’t need is some con artists idea of a get rich quick scheme. Thanks, but no thanks. I will spend my own inheritance (all three dollars, if mom has her way) on breakfast. You keep yours. I don’t think I can afford it.


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