Well, I really was sick. :)

I haven’t been doing well lately. For one, my allergies have been driving me crazy and I have had terrible muscle and bone aches. Just had my annual physical and guess what. I have a Vitamin D deficiency. The doctor put me on a supplement for the next six weeks.

So being a true internet hypochondriac, I immediately Googled Vitamin D and Deficiency and you guessed it, some of the issues I have been dealing with can be traced to the deficiency of vitamin D.

Now I don’t drink milk because it makes me quite sick. And so does soy, but I am outside in the sun a lot and I don’t wear a lot of sunscreen, because most of it makes my migraines worse. So I try to go out early in the morning and again in the afternoons, avoiding the heat of the day sun. But apparently even that wasn’t enough to keep my Vitamin D levels up. I tan fairly easily so I rarely burn and I am careful to wear a hat when I work outside long periods of time.

So I took the first supplement yesterday and I wait to see when I will feel better. From what I read online, that should be in about two weeks. I have an appointment with the doctor next week, so I am sure she will fill me in on what else I need to be doing to get the levels up.

Another good note, is Vitamin D helps with weight loss, so maybe that will help with the diet and exercise I am already trying to get off the weight I tend to put on sitting in front of a computer working on my genealogy. I don’t think I could trust a skinny genealogist. 😉

She also gave me a new nasal spray that appears to be helping my allergies as well. I got a sample so I haven’t had it filled yet. I am dreading to see what it costs.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will have a new burst of energy and will finally be allergy free (come on first frost!) and I will be able to get some of the things on my to do list done.
In the mean time, I am reminding myself I really am sick, so I can let someone else cook dinner, or wash the dishes. Wouldn’t want to deny them the blessing of serving me, right?

At least that’s how I am going to justify #3 cooking macaroni and cheese and #1 and #2 finding a good main meal to go with it tonight. Wonder if there’s anything good on Television tonight?


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